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History of QNX-Russia Conference

April 2010 11th QNX-Russia-2010 Conference

On April 22, 2010, Moscow hosted the XI International QNX-Russia-2010 Conference. The embedded and real-time technologies at the Conference had been the focus of attention. More than 350 representatives of the leading Russian and international companies gave consideration to the prospects of their development.

The event had been organized by the two companies: SWD Software and SWD Embedded Systems. Traditionally, QNX Software Systems became the general partner of the Conference. The sponsorship of the Conference had been provided by Freescale Semiconductor, FASTWEL, IBM, Connect Tech, Kontron, Texas Instruments, PRQA and by other companies.

Dan Dodge speech, who is CEO and president of the QNX Software Systems (QSS), was the key event of the Conference. His presentation focused on the three milestones of 2010 for QNX Software Systems: the 30th anniversary of the company, its transition from the family of companies in Harman International to Research In Motion (RIM) company, and a new version of QNX 6.5 RTOS.

Conference Materials

April 2008 10th QNX-Russia-2008 Conference

On April 24, 2008, the 10th QNX-Russia Anniversary Conference took place in the in Moscow, Russia. The motto chosen for the conference was "Progressive technologies for intellectual systems."

One of the pivotal information occasion for the recent conference was the innovative licensing program launched by QSS, which flexibly combines the best of the open source and commercial software licensing models. Opening access by QSS to the source code of its QNX Neutrino realtime operating system in September 2007 was a huge step toward the needs of the QNX community and resulted in a rise in the number of companies that have chosen the QNX Neutrino RTOS for their projects. Opening the QNX source codes had as well a significant influence on the evolution of the QNX ecosystem in Russia. In support of this advancement, a record number of companies wished to be sponsors of the Conference among which were Intel, PROSOFT, Freescale, Connect Tech, Telelogic, Ezan, SWD embedded systems, Lebedev ITMiVT and to take part in the conference exhibition.

Conference Materials

May 2006 9th International QNX-Russia-2006 Conference, Moscow

On May 25, 2006, the QNX-Russia-2006 Conference took place at the Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre in Moscow, Russia. The motto of the conference was "New Level. New Opportunities."

Pursuant to the motto, the organizing committee took a number of important steps so as to raise the status of the conference. It was the first time when the conference was held at Moscow. By this way, the representativeness of regional companies among the conference audience was significantly extended. Moreover, the official status of participants increased considerably as well: more than 30% of conference visitors were executive managers of various levels.

Presentations delivered at the conference were dedicated to a wide range of issues. including modern automation technologies, high availability systems, embedded solutions, etc. Special emphasis was given to the latest technologies announced by QNX Software Systems, such as the Adaptive Partitioning technology, the multiprocessor support, the advanced 3D graphics support, and Eclipse technologies.

It was the first time when QNX ecosystem members took part in the conference. World leading manufacturers of embedded hardware, such as Intel Communications Alliance and Motorola's Freescale Semiconductor, were golden sponsors of the conference. A number of world and Russian leading companies, members of the QNX ecosystem, provided support to the conference as silver sponsors, among them Empress Software Inc., Prosoft, Connect Tech Inc., and I-Logix (Telelogic).

An exhibition of partners of QNX and SWD was a novelty at the conference. for example, the conference visitors could see expositions of such companies as SWD Embedded Systems, EZAN, SIMECS Ltd., MicroMax Computer Intelligence, VEST, Realflex Technologies, and Fastwel.

The overall number of participants, including those who sent prior registration, exceeded 500. This was a record number for the entire history of the conference.

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November 2004 8th International QNX-Russia-2004 Conference, Saint Petersburg

That years' conference was attended by more than 200 specialists. Representatives of SWD Software's key international partnersQNX Software Systems and Empress Software Inc.spoke at the conference.

A special emphasis was made on the purchase of QSS by Harman International Industries, Inc.

Best QNX resellers 2004 in various nominations were presented with commemorative awards.

This conference's materials

November 2003 7th International QNX-Russia-2003 Conference, Saint Petersburg

More than 300 specialists and CEOs attended the conference.

Several days before the event, SWD Software Ltd. was announced to be an authorized distributor of Empress Software Inc. for Russia and former USSR countries.

Kimm Krueger, Director for Indirect Sales of QSSL, announced a new distribution program aimed at extending the distribution channel. Ronald Sluder, Software Development Manager of Intel Corporation, announced that Intel joined the QNX-in-Education program.

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September 2002 6th International QNX-Russia-2002 Conference, Saint Petersburg

More than 220 representatives of 130 companies of Russia and CIS countries attended the conference.

Kimm Krueger, Indirect Sales Vice President of QSSL, and Peter Van der Veen, Chief System Architect, spoke at the conference and delivered a presentation called Achievements and growth prospects of QSSL."

The main topic during the conference was the launch of a new development toolkit, QNX Momentics, announced by QSSL. Kimm Krueger announced SWD Software the best QSSL distributor 2001.

This conference's materials

May 2001 5th International QNX-Russia-2001 Conference, Saint Petersburg

About 150 representatives took part in the conference.

Dan Dodge, president and co-founder of QSSL, delivered a speech "New business strategies and ways of QNX technology evolvement."

A direct distribution contract was announced to have been concluded between QSSL (Canada) and SWD Software (Saint Petersburg), formerly SWD Real-Time Systems.

September 2001 4th International QNX-Russia-2000 Conference, Saint Petersburg

About 200 attendants represented at the conference more than 80 companies and firms from various cities of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, and Moldova. Representatives of QNX Software Systems Ltd.(QSSL) took part in the conference as well.

Andrea Youdale, QSSL vice president for European market spoke at the conference.

QSSL's aims to win new, unexplored markets for QNX-based embedded systems were announced, and a new QSSL productQNX Realtime Platformwas presented.

This conference's materials

February 1998 3d "QNX operating system users 1998" Conference, Saint Petersburg

About 170 attendants visited the conference. Michael Hornby, Sales and Marketing Vice President of QSSL, talked about the current state and main prospects for further development of the QNX operating system. QNX demo startup floppy-disk with Cyrillic support was presented at the conference as a sign of a strong interest of QSSL in the growing Russian market.

December 1996 Second "QNX operating system users 1996" Conference, Saint Petersburg

Michael Hornby, Sales and Marketing Vice President, QSSL (Canada), presented an overview of new QSSL technologies for the real-time operating systems market. Norbert Struck delivered a survey of the European QNX market.

A number of various QNX-based designs and software applications was demonstrated by such companies as Saint Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Moldavsky Metallurgic Works, and others.

May 1996 International All-Ukrainian Conference on building real-time systems using software products of QNX Software Systems Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

About 160 specialists took part in the conference.

Norbert Struck, Vice President of SWDatentechnik, and Alexei Kondratiuk, Director General of SWD Real-Time Systems spoke at the conference.

The public was presented with the latest version of QNX, Neutrino, Photon GUI, and other new products.

Spring 1994 First "QNX operating system users" Conference, Saint Petersburg

About 250-280 attendants visited the conference.

Rob Oakly, Sales and Marketing Vice President of QNX Software Systems Ltd. (QSSL) (Canada) and Uwe Wannags, President of SWDatentechnik GmbH (Germany), spoke at the conference.